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Singer/Songwriter Assistance

Whether you want a few folk tunes arranged, or an entire symphonic work, we can help. With over 25 years of experience writing, arranging, and producing dozens of album projects, composing soundtracks for films, to creating commercials for radio and television, we can offer you the help that you need to successfully produce a great sounding recording.
Examples of previously arranged and recorded songs featuring various singers/songwriters, as well as several original compositions are listed below, and may be individually selected and played.

Commercials & Soundtracks

We can write, arrange, and produce an exciting radio or television commercial for your company, or create an effective soundtrack for your film. We have more than 20 years of experience in this area of music writing. Examples of several styles of Radio and Television Commercials, as well as film Soundtracks, that we have written, arranged, and produced are listed below.

singer/songwriter arrangements

These are recordings that were specifically arranged for each Singer/Songwriter.
Anthony Amalfitano
  1. Fish On A Line -©2010 A. Amalfitano
    Original recording (Before).
  2. Fish On A Line -©2010 A. Amalfitano
    With live horn arrangement added (After).
  3. The Day -©2013 A. Amalfitano
    Original recording (Before).
  4. The Day -©2013 A. Amalfitano
    with flutes & full string section added (After).
Marilyn Wade
  1. Sweet Love -©1990 M. Wade
  2. You're Not Gonna Get the Best of Me
    ©1990 M. Wade
May Palmer
  1. Gonna Stick To You Like Glue
    ©1992 Michael Tarro/May Palmer
  2. Route 66 -©1946 Bobby Troup
  3. Since I Fell for You -©Buddy Johnson
Dave Nedwidek
  1. Second Hand Heart
    ©1993 D. Nedwidek
Joy Ventre
  1. Follow Your Heart -©1996 J. Ventre
  2. I Am the Light -©1996 J. ventre
Select a song on the player corresponding to the number and title on the list, song will play automatically. Use the scroll bar to view additional songs, left button for previous song, right button for next.

original songs

Recordings demonstrating original compositions in various styles.
  1. I Won't Be Hangin With the Guys Again
  2. Alone in Love
  3. Schizophrenia is Better Than Living Alone
  4. Thoughts of You
  5. Saturday Night Fugue
  6. Dinosaur in the Bedroom
  7. You're All I Ever Need

commercials & soundtracks

Here are several styles of Radio and Television Commercials, as well as film Soundtracks, that we have written, arranged, and produced.
  1. Arlington RV Supercenter -Commercial
  2. Doritos -Commercial
  3. Johnson and Whales University -Commercial
  4. Rizzo Ford -Commercial
  5. Antarctica -Soundtrack
  6. Suite for Piano & String Quartet -Soundtrack
  7. The Traveling Theme -Soundtrack
  8. LA Groove -Soundtrack
  9. Prelude to Fanfare/Fanfare -Soundtrack
  10. Merry Old New England -Soundtrack
  11. Funk X -Soundtrack